Apk789.comSimulation🐍 Jungle Snake Survival Run - Serpent Animal Race
🐍 Jungle Snake Survival Run - Serpent Animal Race

🐍 Jungle Snake Survival Run - Serpent Animal Race

Version: 1.6.5
Updated: 13 Jul 2020

Free download 🐍 Jungle Snake Survival Run - Serpent Animal Race APK Game lastest version 1.6.5 for Android with direct link

Game Details

Game Download Version1.6.5
Last Updated13 Jul 2020
APK Size25.2 MB
Game ByFree Wild Simulator ...
Game CategorySimulation
Requires AndroidAndroid 4.4+
Game Installs1,000,000+
Game Rating3.2/5 - β€Ž9,062 votes
Game IDcom.ws.jungle.snake....

Game Preview

About The Game

The Snake Queen is the most powerful wild anaconda serpent creature of the jungle. Gorgeous, clever and visually unique, the queen of the snakes is a fantastic animal ... She likes to slither, crawl and be watched by other snakes and animals.
But she needs to be careful, because the jungle is full of surprises. There are many obstacles to overcome and all kinds of dangers. Crawl the Snake Queen through the jungle in this amazing survival race!

Crawl cleverly and find your way out quickly… Lead the snake through the obstacles in an infinite survival race animal run. Your mission is to find the best paths of the jungle for the Snake Queen so she doesnβ€˜t get hurt.
But pay attention! This animal run in the jungle is full of surprises, animals and hurdles. You will only win this survival race, if you are a clever strategist with good reflexes!

The serpent is one of the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols. Snakes and serpents represent both good and evil and have always been associated with some of the oldest rituals known to mankind.
In ancient mythology snakes were a source of wisdom.

In these survival games you will have to prove the wisdom of the Snake Queen, the smartest animal, on a survival race through the jungle, a place the snakes made their home.
Crawl with wisdom through the jungle and aim for the highest score in this animal run. If you get hit by objects in this survival race, the snake loses itβ€˜s health and will eventually die.

In this funny serpent crawl game you will be a snake fighting for your survival. You will crawl faster and faster and get more and more accurate, because it also takes very precise movements to succeed in this addictive survival race.
But donβ€˜t worry! You know the jungle like the back of your hand! Make use of your snakeβ€˜s wisdom to win the survival race and reach the highest score in this animal run!

Learn to crawl faster and compete in funny snake races with your friends. Enjoy this addictive serpent crawl game for FREE!

Game Updates

.- Improved Game Stability
.- Greater Custom Experience
.- Minor Bug Fixes!

Enjoy this enhanced version of the game and let us know how we can improve it!

Game Other Versions

VersionRequires AndroidUpdated
1.6.5Android 4.4+13 Jul 2020
1.6.4Android 4.4+13 May 2020
1.6.3Android 4.3+10 Dec 2019
1.6.2Android 2.3+05 Oct 2017
1.6.1Android 2.3+17 Sep 2018
1.6.0Android 2.3+17 Sep 2018
1.3.0Android 2.3+17 Sep 2018
1.0.0Android 2.3+17 Sep 2018


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