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Updated: 20 Nov 2020

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In the books of Al-Baladul Amîn and Al-Mishbâh it is stated:

Imam Ali Zainal Abidin (sa) narrated from his father from his grandfather from Rasululllah SAW, he said: "When the Prophet SAW was Hirzu Jausyan in one of the battles, the angel Jibril (as) came to him and said: O Muhammad, your Lord greeted you and Hirzu. Jausyan said: "Put on this Jawsyan and read it, this prayer will be a protector for you and your people."

He mentioned the virtues of this prayer, among others:
1. If the text of this prayer is written on the shroud, the deceased will be saved from hellfire.
2. If Hirzu Jausyan reads sincerely in the month of Ramadan, he will be gifted with Lailatul Qadar, created for him 70,000 angels all of whom thanked Allah SWT and then the reward would be awarded to those who read it.
3. If read in the month of Ramadan (3 times), Allah SWT forbids his body from the fire of hell, obliges him to heaven, and represents two angels to protect him from disobedience and throughout his life he is in the safety of Allah SWT.
4. At the end of Hirzu Jausyan's narration Al-Husein (sa) said: “My father Ali bin Abi Talib (sa) has a testament to me that I should keep and glorify this prayer, write it on his shroud, teach my family and encourage them to read it. This prayer consists of a thousand Hirzu Jausyan Asma Allah in which there is Ismul A'zham. "

This prayer has virtue and great position. Narrated from as-Sajjad Ali Zainal Abidin from his father and from his datuk Ali bin Abi Talib and from the Prophet Muhammad revealed this prayer. At that time Rasulullah SAW wore a very heavy armor and hurt his body, then he prayed to Allah SWT, then immediately Allah SWT sent Jibril to him and conveyed:

"O Muhammad, your Lord sends greetings to you and orders you to take off your war clothes, instead telling you to read this prayer for the safety of you and your people, whoever reads it when he is about to leave his residence or bring it, Hirzu Jausyan, Allah will always protect it and oblige it. heaven and make his deeds always obtain his taufik.

Whoever reads it as if he read four holy books (Torah, Zabur, the Bible and the Koran) and from each letter Allah gave two pairs of nymphs and two houses in heaven and also got the reward that Abraham, Musa had. , Isa.

He will also get the reward of His creatures in the world who always worship Him, never disobey Him even in the blink of an eye, and who have pale skin due to frequent crying due to fear of Allah SWT and no one knows their number. except Allah SWT, and the sun's journey in their land is forty days. "

"O Muhammad, verily in Hirzu Jausyan Baitul Ma'mur in the seventh heaven, there are 70,000 angels who come out of him every day and never come back again until the Day of Resurrection.

Allah SWT will give those who read this prayer the reward of the angels and the reward of the believers on earth. Whoever wrote it and put it in his house, surely the house will not be entered by the thief and will not burn.

Whoever writes on deerskin and carries it will find safety from all ugliness. Whoever reads it and then dies, will be recorded as a martyr Hirzu Jausyan and will be rewarded 900,000 Badr martyrs.

Allah SWT will always look at him with a glance of mercy and compassion and grant his every wish. Whoever reads 90 times with sincere intentions, then Allah SWT will Hirzu Jausyan raise all kinds of diseases such as striped disease, leprosy, or even crazy.

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