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Bubble Level

Version: 1.32
Updated: 14 Jan 2024

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App Details

App Download Version1.32
Last Updated14 Jan 2024
APK Size4.8 MB
App ByGamma Play
App CategoryTools
Requires AndroidAndroid 4.4+
App Installs10,000,000+
App Rating4.7/5 - ‎324,357 votes
App IDcom.gamma.bubbleleve...

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About The App

A bubble level, spirit level or simply a spirit is an instrument designed to indicate whether a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb). Bubble Level app is handy, accurate, simple to use and incredibly useful tool for your Android device.

A traditional modern level meter has a slightly curved glass tube which is incompletely filled with a liquid, usually a colored spirit or alcohol, leaving a bubble in the tube. At slight inclinations the bubble travels away from the center position, which is usually marked. Bubble Level app tries to mimic the real level meter and displays the data as real level meter would.

Bubble Level app also features a bull's eye level meter which is a circular, flat-bottomed device with the liquid under a slightly convex glass face with a circle at the center. It serves to level a surface across a plane, while the tubular level only does so in the direction of the tube. Bubble Level app tries to mimic the real bull's eye level and displays the data as real bull's eye level meter would.

A bubble level is usually used in construction, carpentry and photography to determine if objects on which you're working on are level. Used properly, a bubble level can help you create flawlessly leveled pieces of furniture, help you when hanging paintings or other items on the wall, level billiard table, level table tennis table, set up a tripod for photographs, level your trailer or camper and much more. It’s a must have device for any home or apartment.

Your device should already be calibrated by the manufacturer. In case you believe it is wrongly calibrated you can recalibrate your device by opening calibration, placing your device screen facing up on a perfectly leveled surface (like the floor of your room) and press SET. Press RESET to return to your device default factory calibration.

Introducing our versatile Spirit Level app, the ultimate tool for every handyman, carpenter, and DIY enthusiast. This digital level app, designed for Android, transforms your device into a multi-functional leveling and angle-finding tool, perfect for a wide range of construction and home improvement projects.

At its core, the app features a highly accurate Bubble Level, essential for ensuring precise leveling in various tasks. Whether you're hanging a picture frame or setting up a shelf, the Bubble Level with calibration capability ensures your work is flawlessly aligned.

The app doubles as a Spirit Level and Inclinometer, providing an easy way to measure angles and slopes. It's an indispensable Slope Gauge for creating gradients or assessing an existing slope. The Angle Finder feature is particularly useful in carpentry and construction, helping you find the exact angle you need for your projects.

For digital precision, the app includes a Digital Level, offering a modern take on the traditional spirit level. Its high accuracy makes it suitable for professional-grade work in construction and carpentry.

Besides leveling and angle measurements, this app also functions as a Ruler App, allowing you to measure distances with ease. It's a comprehensive Handyman Tool and a must-have in your digital Toolbox App collection.

As a DIY App, it provides practical solutions and guidance for home improvement tasks, making it easier to achieve professional results. The Measurement App feature is perfect for those who need to take quick and accurate measurements on the go.

Further enhancing its utility, the app comes with an Angle Meter, Tilt Meter, and Gradient Meter, each offering specialized measurements for more complex projects.

The Bubble Level for Android stands out with its user-friendly interface and high precision, making it a reliable tool for any setting. The Bubble Level with calibration ensures that you always get the most accurate readings.

Overall, this Spirit Level app is a comprehensive solution for anyone involved in construction, carpentry, or home improvement.

App Updates

Thanks for using Bubble Level! We bring updates to Google Play regularly to constantly improve speed, reliability, performance and fix bugs.

App Other Versions

VersionRequires AndroidUpdated
1.32Android 4.4+14 Jan 2024
1.28Android 4.4+05 Dec 2022


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