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Updated: 20 Nov 2020

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There are so many reasons and backgrounds why we need a special study of women's fiqh science. Among other things because Allah SWT not only created man but also created woman and is mentioned specifically and separately. Also because Allah SWT created women to be different from men, both physically and psychologically. And in the end, the laws that Allah SWT sent down also differ a lot between women and men.

Let's dissect one by one the following reasons:

1. The Koran has a lot to say about women

Al-Quran, which is the last divine book and became the greatest miracle for Rasulullah SAW, raises a lot of women problems. We can easily find this out through the names of the letters in it, where letter names usually reflect important matters in a letter.

Among the letters are Surat An-Nisa ', Maryam, An-Nur, Saba', Al-Hujurat, Al-Mujadalah, Al-Mumtahanah, At-Thalaq, and At-Thahrim.

a. Surat An-Nisa '

This surah is located in fourth place after Surat Al-Fatihah, Al-Baqarah and Ali Imran. In this surah, which amounts to 176 verses, Allah SWT deals a lot with fiqh issues related to women. There are at least ten themes related to women in this letter, namely:

The stipulation that it is permissible for a man to marry four women at the same time is in this letter (paragraph 3).
The husband's obligation to provide a dowry, aka dowry, is also in this letter (paragraph 4).
Marries daughters who are ready to marry (verse 6).
Islam gives women the right to inheritance (verses 11-12).
The case of the wife who cheated on and committed adultery is also discussed in this letter (verse 15).
Any woman who is haram to marry is also in this letter (verses 22-23)
If a man is unable to marry a woman with a high dowry, then please lower the criteria by marrying a woman whose dowry is lower (verse 25).
The husband becomes the leader of women in domestic affairs (verse 34).
Requesting a fatwa on women (verse 127).
The problem of a woman who is nusyuz from her husband (verse 128).

b. Maryam's letter

In addition there is also a letter Maryam which tells about the role of the mother of Prophet Isa alaihissalam. The story of how difficult it was to give birth to a child whose father did not have a father and insults and insults from the surrounding community. This story at the same time also gives a big role to a woman in Islam, one of which is in terms of maintaining self-respect and dignity.

c. Letter An-Nur

Although the name of this letter has nothing to do with women's affairs, when we explore the verses in it, we will find many things related to women's problems.

The case of a woman who commits adultery with a man who is not her husband and how the punishment is (verses 2-10).
The story of slander and accusations of adultery committed by the wife of Rasulullah SAW Aisyah radhiyallahuanha which was spread by the munafiqin of Medina (verses 11-20).
Punishment for those who accuse a woman of kindness with the accusation of adultery (verses 23-26).
The obligation of women to cover their genitals with men who are not mahrams, and who are they (verse 31).
Obligation to ask permission to enter the husband and wife's room within three times (paragraph 58).
d. Surat Al-Hujurat

The meaning of Al-Hujurat is rooms. The point is the rooms occupied by the wives of Rasulullah SAW. Although this verse does not directly address the problem of women, the use of the term hujurat which means the rooms of the Prophet's wives is related to the disturbance of the companions when the Prophet SAW was in the rooms of his wives. And this is an important issue in manners with Rasulullah SAW when he was in the room.

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